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(This blog is so gay...)

Dylan Mitchell
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I think of myself as an Outsider poet. Although I have been to college (and majored in Creative Writing), I tend to prefer prose poems--much more than poetry written in strict form. Also, like Emily Dickinson--I am rather fond of dashes. In addition, much of my poetry examines the dark side of life: homelessness, personal and political betrayal, depression, suicide, and being considered an outcast by the majority, etc.

My work has been published in many "little" magazines and newspapers. And after I published my first chapbook in 2000 (a grand total of 100 copies!), I was invited to read my work on KBOO radio (an alternative radio station in Portland, Oregon). My most recent book's title is: 100 MEN I HAVE SLEPT WITH (and other poems). It's available on Amazon.com. But I must warn you: Many of my poems and essays are not for the faint-hearted. And are of an adult nature. So you may consider this my humble disclaimer. This journal is just a place to let my old friends (and new ones) take a peek at some of my work, and discover what I have been up to lately. Thanks for stopping by!


--Dylan Mitchell
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