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The Bewildering Second Coming of Christ
userpic, warhol
If He came back today
what would He see? People
talking on cell phones
instead of to each other?
As they mindlessly
sidestep the homeless
on the downtown
sidewalks: Cannot
afford to be late for
that next big job interview.

Security guards would
kick Him out of stores
for looking too down and
out. And after He started

talking about helping
instead of judging the poor,
(as God would have us do),

He'd be carted off to the
nearest psych ward, and
given massive amounts

of shock treatments and
drugs for the psychotic

He'd be considered no different
from those that insanely
think they are Beethoven

or Hitler or Marilyn Monroe.
Christ might return
only to be tossed

in jail or the state asylum:
That's how jaded we've
become.  Enlightenment?

Can you afford the $500 for a front row seat?

Copyright © 2009 by Dylan Mitchell

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